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Line Fire

This allows for more realistic prone and “dug-in” trench-style firing points.  These firing positions and target arrangements are ideal for all types of training scenarios with most types of weapon systems including assault and precision rifles, not to mention belt fed weapons, and ultimately team exercises for team members to train coordinated fire sequences.

The Echo Valley Training Center is unequaled in the private tactical training arena on the East Coast. Serving the Mid-Atlantic and South Central US, drawing from D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland down to Kentucky, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Echo Valley Training Center is further enhanced

by the existence of prepared firing positions

Non Traditional Fire
Course Fire

If you have a large group seeking the very best facility to host your tactical training and exercises, give us a call at (540) 450-7998 to arrange a tour of the center. Echo Valley is the largest privately held range in the region and is open all year as many government entities and private groups practice in all conditions rain, snow, and even in the dark, as many nights here are booked.

The closest gas stations, restaurants and lodging are 30 minutes or more away, so plan your visit accordingly.

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